About Brand Consulting

What does brand-comm consulting do?

Simply put, we engineer brands.

We ideate, empower and build the brand infrastructure led, as always, by insight.

We engineer brands by answering 6 simple questions.

  • What’s your brand insight?
  • What’s missing in your brand today?
  • What’s your brand today?
  • Who is your brand today?
  • How well do you know your brand’s properties?
  • What should your brand do next?

As brand engineers with the learning and experience gained over two decades in advertising, marketing and academics, we have developed a practical jargon-free approach to branding and brand management.

We develop a quick and insightful understanding of your products, markets, key business and brand issues and translate these into effective strategies for your brand, helping create integrated communication that speaks through multiple channels in one clear voice.

In other words, we develop smart ideas based on the Power of Insight that work to distinguish your brand in the marketplace.