About Digital

Our generation is privileged to bear witness to significant changes in the way we live, thanks to how we are all connected and networked through the internet. Ease of communication, ease of access and as a result, a new culture and a new method of interactions is currently unfolding.

The digital medium is revolutionary and has the potential to do many powerful things to build your brand. However, we are in danger of treating it as just another form of media. Brands are buying tons of ads and being content with primary metrics such as the number of likes and followers on their platforms. Organizations are trying to game the system so that their page ranking appears within the elusive, elite top ten ranks of search keywords. It is a trap we’re moving towards at breakneck speed and should this continue, we risk losing the customers’ attention.

Our brand new digital team has grown up with the internet from the late 90s and onward. We understand the digital space and wish to work on stuff so that a brand can entertain consumers, add value to their lives or connect to them on an emotional level (a guiding principle that has been reduced into a cheesy framework termed E.V.E by one of the MBAs in our team).

We have people from various backgrounds in our team – engineering, design, management and even law, because we understand that a multi-disciplinary approach to this field is what will make for a seamless, enjoyable experience for consumers.

And as digital consumers ourselves, we wish to settle for nothing less.