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Brand-comm blog

A nineteen year old love affair continues …

By Ramanujam Sridhar

Nineteen years ago on this day the 18th of December 1998, brand.comm was started in Koramangala. We had one client, Dalmia Cements and most days the most important activity was where to go for lunch! But we hung in there. We had our strokes of good fortune as well. A few days later one of my former clients, Sriram Srinivasan walked into our office, and said he was launching a company and wanted us to do the Public Relation!. I had a hazy idea of what Public Relations was, but we agreed and set up a Public Relations activity which is the very engine of our business. Good things happen when you have good friends. So what have we learnt?

The only constant in life is change

We started as an advertising agency with a difference, but hardly do any advertising today. We rode the dotcom boom, were part of the software wave, in the thick of the retail revolution and are today part of the digital revolution. It’s not been easy but it’s been challenging, fun and gives us an opportunity to learn as we grow every single day.

Only as good as our team

We have learnt too that brand-comm is only as good as the people who work for it, day in and day out. People who think, dream and work for their clients and incidentally for brand-comm. Let’s not forget our clients too who give us an opportunity to serve them. They have guided us, supported us and been loyal to us over the years. We have a good team, but our clients have made them better over the years, constantly challenging our team to superior performance even as they constantly provided opportunities.

What of the future

It’s never been easy to predict the future, more so in turbulent times like these. But let me think about it. Brands will continue to be extremely important even as our customers become more worried. Their expectations will increase and we have to improve our competence and productivity. We must continue to provide cost-effective solutions that are faster and better. We must integrate PR and Digital, and be an extension of our client’s team and marketing plans.

Why am I confident?

I am confident that brand-comm’s years of youth will be even more successful than the last nineteen for a few reasons. Our clients who have been our lifeline over the years, constantly guiding us and challenging us. Our people who have worked as a family to make our clients more visible and brand-comm a better place to work and our partner Madison World, India’s largest homegrown agency who is always there.

I would like to thank our clients, both present and past. Our people, both the present team and those who worked with us in the past, and the general community of my family and friends who have stood by me through thick and thin.

Thank you for being a part of our present and past. Let’s build the future together.