Case Studies

Sankara Eye Care Institutions
With over a million free vision restoration surgeries, Sankara Eye Care is a pioneer in providing charitable and paid ophthalmological services in eleven premier eye care facilities across India. With a government mandate of performing a specific number of surgeries every year for the poor and the needy, Sankara runs through charitable donations and money received by paid services. We have helped establish Sankara’s online presence to highlight their good work and increase donations through their website in a number of creative and cost effective ways. Our efforts have yielded a significant jump of 10X in the average donations received for the second half of FY2012-13. We have also been able to organically grow Sankara’s online community with quality content and engagement activities.
Ligne Roset and Poliform
Ventura Gallery hosts the exclusive showrooms for French and Italian luxury brands, Ligne Roset and Poliform respectively. They wanted us to increase their brand awareness and appointments for showroom visits. We manage their complete social media presence, their online communication via direct mails and newsletters and are in the process of revamping their website. They are now known among architects, interior designers, builders as well as among connoisseurs as the go-to place for luxury design furniture
Nutrova is a Mumbai based nutrition supplements start-up that creates products to promote healthy living. They have created a dietary fibre product and a 100% vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids. We have worked with Nutrova from two months before their product launch, putting together content their health quotient magazine, managing their Facebook presence and working on campaigns to engage their customers and persuade them to buy products in a relatively new category online.
If you have a viable entrepreneurial idea, DREAM:IN can help you get your venture off the ground. Unlike other incubators/angel investors/early stage VCs all you need is an entrepreneurial dream that you strongly believe in to have them help you realize it. We helped DREAM:IN expand their reach to Tier II and Tier III towns of south India to encourage people to come forward and register on the DREAM:IN website. We help demystify their complex methodologies and their IP to make it easily digestible and accessible to the youth. We help promote their events and act as their mouthpiece online, in addition to providing live online coverage of their events.
Proline India
Proline India has set up an online e-commerce portal to promote the sales of their sub brands – Varsity, Actives, Originals and Colours and to enhance their B2B sales. We worked on a project with Proline to help establish their social media presence. We built the initial base of their online community with creative and engaging campaigns to highlight their new e-store and to educate customers about their sub brands.