Our Digital Marketing Services are designed to fulfill your brand’s business objectives.

We have a strong focus on ideas. Ideas that are executable, can be measured against results and ideas that are platform agnostic. This means that we will not silo ourselves based on what platforms are available online, but instead follow the approach of:

  • creating quality content
  • disseminating content using the right platforms
  • interpreting analytical data that is generated from the content we create

We offer a wide range of services that we can customize based on your requirements.

  • Content and Creative Services: Building a brand’s online presence requires an approach that goes beyond merely putting up posts on Twitter and Facebook. It needs a broader vision that cascades into the brand’s communication. Our focus on content and creative services is adapted to the online medium and our strategy is constructed keeping in mind the two parties that we need to cater to – your customers and your brand.
  • Social Media Services: Our team of digital natives stays on top of what’s going on in the Social Media universe. We will consult and guide you on what platforms to use, while ensuring that our content helps drive engagement that we will measure along every step of the way. And no, we’re not going to focus on PTAT as a metric, thank you very much.
  • Online Reputation Management: What is said about your brand on the vast world wide web always requires acknowledgement, whether it is a scathing review or sky-high praise. Acknowledgement helps you build trust, empathy and makes people aware that you care, thereby building your brand further. The best part is, our team can quantify this too!
  • Advertisements and Media: Advertisements are all around us when we surf the web. Whether it be on Facebook, Youtube, on Google’s ad network, it isn’t possible to escape them as they entice you to click on them.We work towards creating compelling advertisements and showcase them to the right audience using the right channels, giving you a detailed breakdown on how your investments have been bearing fruit. We also ensure that advertisements are attractive instead of being annoying!